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Back Home

Jordan Savusa and Scott Hanada are 2 local boys from Hawaii just
trying to make it in the big city of Chicago. Their...

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Debbie Downer

In June 2015, Calvin Dittmore and Joseph Kyle Rogan both lost a parent. The two parents had been disabled for over a decade -- Mrs. Dittmore by addiction and injury, and Mr. Rogan by stroke and heart disease -- and the young men had been their caretakers. Amidst their grief..


Improvised Marvel

Smash! Zap! Pow! Improvised Marvel takes on the mission of parodying and improvising a two-act play inspired by some of the most popular films of the past decade, all of which take... 


Laser Comedy Show

The Laser Comedy Show is a one of a kind, story telling experience. Performing artist Chris Fair uses...


RejecTed Talks

This show was created with a very straightforward premise: Improvise inspiring, intelligent and uplifting talks on important topics in the style of TED Talks using slide presentations. The catch is that the performers have not seen the slides and have no idea...


Scream Theatre

Scream Theatre is a completely improvised comedy group. They mix different horror movie tropes and subgenres to make a uniquely terrifying comedy show.


This Just In: An Improvised News Show

Using actual headlines, producer Phil Schramm & anchors Justin Betancourt and Nathan Rouse show you a side of news you never knew existed. This... Just In!


Big Fire

Josh Levine and Devin Sanclemente graduated iO Chicago's improvisation program as previously trained actors from the eastern coast. BIG FIRE! brings an emotionally gratifying, improvised experience that is...


Fear the Dreamer

Fear The Dreamer is an improv ensemble based out of The Crowd Theater in Chicago, Illinois. 

We have dreams, and we're not afraid to use them.


Improvised Sitcom

Sitcom is a fully improvised show using the themes, character types, and stories of multi-camera sitcoms. Based on an audience suggestion of a show title, the group will perform an entire situational comedy pilot from scratch...


Magical Lying Hour

Magical Lying Hour is an improvis..wait. Magical Lying Hour is a scripted...hmm. One half scripted, the other half improvised. Come see it for yourself!


Remote Possibilities

Remote Possibilities was formed out of a special project amongst independent improvisers in the fast growing Baltimore Improv scene. Through conversations about the potential of episodic improv and the realization that no one in...


Silent J

Silent J is an improvised one-man show with no words. Using music to inspire scenes, Jake Dewar creates characters and environments in...


Zip Up Monster Suit

Three man improv group. Aaron Taylor, Eric-Alan Shirley, Olin Kidd.


Damaged Goods

Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Damaged Goods has quickly become The River City’s premiere and most sought after improv comedy...


Improvised Jane Austen

Brimming over with head-strong heroines, charming cads, and meddling mothers, Improvised Jane Austen creates a novel new Regency romance all from an audience...


Improvised Sketch Show

Come see a new format where a team of sketch/improv performers take premises from the audience and try to write out a full length sketch show BEFORE YOUR EYES. Performers...



PREACH is a collection of artists that strive to use improv and spoken word as a vehicle to touch on the issues...

The Rick Blog Live with Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas: Alumnus Main stage Second City Resident Co.; Studied Improv with Second City Founders incl. great Paul Sills and David Shepherd; Acted with Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey and other...


Spuds & Stouts

Improvisational comedy group set at a pub in small town Ireland where three gents discuss life, love, and friendship over a couple of pints. Joe Liolos, Justin Jawor, Kyle Slagell


The Stuntmen

Chicago's only improvised action movie.