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Remote Possibilities // Scream Theater (Athenaeum Theater - Studio One)

Athenaeum Theater (Studio 1) $15

2936 N Southport AVE Chicago, IL 60657

Remote Possibilities: Remote Possibilities was formed out of a special project amongst independent improvisers in the fast growing Baltimore Improv scene. Through conversations about the potential of episodic improv and the realization that no one in Baltimore was doing much in the way of narrative or genre based improv, Remote Possibilities started work towards forming their unique riff on an improvised play.  

The format is based around the tropes of televised dramas with focus on Teen Dramas, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Adventures, Police Procedurals, Medical Dramas and more.  Remote Possibilities has performed their show throughout the Mid-Atlantic performing shows in Baltimore and Washington DC. They have performed in the Baltimore Improv Festival, The Charm City Comedy Festival, 17th and 18th Del Close Marathon, 2016 Chicago Improv Festival,  the Tampa Improv Festival, several shows with the Baltimore Improv Group and Washington Improv Theater.

Scream Theater: Scream Theatre is a completely improvised comedy group. They mix different horror movie tropes and subgenres to make a uniquely terrifying comedy show.