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Back Home // Preach (Athenaeum Theater - Studio One)

Athenaeum Theater (Studio 1) $15

2936 N Southport AVE Chicago, IL 60657

Back Home: 

Jordan Savusa and Scott Hanada are 2 local boys from Hawaii just
trying to make it in the big city of Chicago. Their show, “Back Home,”
explores their thoughts on living in The Windy City versus life in the
Aloha State. Ask them a question and get the fo’ real answer plus an
entire show inspired by their answers. Jordan Savusa, is fresh off a
boat (performing for Second City on a cruise ship) and can be seen in
the Hawaii sketch show, Moanamanapia. Scott Hanada, is a member of
Chicago’s only all Asian improv/sketch troupe, Stir Friday Night, and
is inspiring Chicagoans through improv in RejecTED Talks.


PREACH is a collection of artists that strive to use improv and spoken word as a vehicle to touch on the issues that are affecting us today. Considered by most as thought provoking and innovative, this group pushes the boundaries by going out and asking the audience for some of the most vulnerable suggestions. They leave their hearts on the stage with hopes that you leave feeling something for yourself and learning something new about everyone else.