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Improvised Marvel // Improvised Jane Austen (Athenaeum Theater - Studio One)

Athenaeum Theater (Studio 1) $15

2936 N Southport AVE Chicago, IL 60657

Improvised Marvel: 

Smash! Zap! Pow! Improvised Marvel takes on the mission of parodying and improvising a two-act play inspired by some of the most popular films of the past decade, all of which take place within a universe featuring super-soldiers, big green monsters, secret agents, spies, gods and even a talking tree and raccoon!

Improvised Jane Austen: 

Brimming over with head-strong heroines, charming cads, and meddling mothers, Improvised Jane Austen creates a novel new Regency romance all from an audience suggestion. The all-female company craft their story in the style of the 19th Century's most prominent female author, carrying it through misadventures, misunderstandings, and modern feminism to its proper British conclusion. 

Improvised Jane Austen perform both one and two act theatricals. 

Improvised Jane Austen is:
Miss Sarah Beckman
Miss Allison Black
Miss Vickie Eisenstein
Miss Emily Friedrick
Miss Robin Hellman
Miss Stephanie Jones
Miss Josephine Longo
Miss Mariah Michael
Miss Jessye Muller
Miss Kate Parker
Miss Holly Robison
Miss Ana Silva