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WORKSHOP: Mick Napier's Master Class (Limit 50) (Stage 773 - The Pro)

STAGE 773 (The Pro) $75

1225 W Belmont AVE Chicago, IL 60625

Interactive Q and A Master Class

Mick will deliver a 3-hour interactive Q&A workshop! Participants will get the opportunity to get on their feet and experience Mick's answers to their questions. Mick has delivered this format in New York , Miami, Austin, and Toronto with great success.

Mick Napier is Founder and Artistic Director of the acclaimed Annoyance Theatre and a director and artistic consultant for The Second City. His work has included the Jeff Award winning Paradigm Lost and Obie award winning One Woman Shoe, as well as Psychopath Not Taken, The Second City 4.0, Taming of the Flu, Red Scare, and Reloaded. His book Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out is widely regarded as a seminal work on the subject of improvisation, and he has followed up with another must-read titled Behind the Scenes: Improvising Long Form.