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McRau & Friends // Dual Exhaust (Stage 773 - The Pro)

STAGE 773 (The Pro) $20

1225 W Belmont AVE Chicago, IL 60657

McRau & Friends: 

McRau materialized on a dark and stormy night at the McKaw Theater in Rogers Park, when the opening act didn’t show. Kristen Rau and Antoine McKay stepped in, and an extended act of spontaneous human construction was born. Rau and McKay portray multiple characters in an extemporaneous story, with all threads wrapping back to the original first two characters. 

Antoine is a Chicago favorite: a Second City Main Stage Detroit and Chicago alum, his credits include countless commercials and TV shows (Empire, Review, Detroit 187, ER, Prison Break), and he is a series regular on the hit Amazon series Patriot. Antoine is co-owner of The McKaw Theater in Rogers Park.  Kristen has trained and graduated from iO, The Annoyance, UCB in NYC and Unexpected Productions in Seattle. She is an ensemble member of Under the Gun Theater, where her credits include “Drinking Stories,” “Love Stories,” and “Winter Stories" with house team Happy Tragedy. She participates in the community-outreach program Funny Bones Improv, performing for young inpatient audiences in Chicago area hospitals. And she has appeared the past two years at the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, most recently in her solo show “Aren’t We There Yet?”

Dual Exhaust: 

Dual Exhaust (Beth Mewelski & Zach Ward).