(Acts/ensembles are listed alphabetically.)


A Brief Intermission

A Brief Intermssion is a Chicago based longform team comprised of tall people who aren't afraid of bees. You can contact them at ABriefIntermissionImprov@gmail.com and they will get back to you as soon as they wake up from their naps.



Galaxy is a two person comedy duo that has a pair of members that work in tandem. TJ Connors and Joe Vargo.


Kaiser Presidente

We're a Chicago based improv group that met at the Second City Training Center. We get a suggestion from the audience and then sit and talk about...



Seven is an improv troupe/sketch comedy team that graduated from the The Second City Training Center in the Conservatory program.

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The Potato Farmers

Plowing the very dirt you walk on... 



We are The Aspertypicals. We are a kick-ass improv group. We started out as a coached ensemble at The Second City comprised of students from the Improv for ASD class and from and from auditions. We do short form.

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Gummy Bearz

Louise Loeb while walking on Diversey streetran intoDana Rochelle leaving Trader Joe's...

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Puff Mommy

An all-female sketch and improv team, Puff Mommy was born in a dark corner at Second City. Comprised of...


SHAT on You

SHAT on You is a two-woman improv troupe from Chicago, IL. Our friendship blossomed in an improv class and we knew that we would make a great team. For bookings, fun times and laughs email us at soyimprov@gmail.com!


The Velvet Stallion

Follow Velvet Stallion @velvetstallionimprov

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More info to come!

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Jenner is a female duo featuring Heather Christoffersen and Jennie Doherty. Finding each other in the depths of Second City, both girls share a love for satire and bring it to life through high energy scenes. 

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Queen Daddy

Queen Daddy is a Chicago based improv group that formed at The Second City Training Center. We improvise the most outrageous 20 minute buddy cop movie that sometimes makes sense. 


The Lady Dudes

We are a coached ensemble directed by the hilarious John Hildreth at Second City Chicago.