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Kaiser Presidente // Gummy Bearz (Stage 773 - The Cab)

STAGE 773 (The Cab) $12

1225 W Belmont AVE Chicago, IL 60657

Kaiser Presidente:

We're a Chicago based improv group that met at the Second City Training Center. We get a suggestion from the audience and then sit and talk about it as if we were sitting in a living room. We improvise some scenes based on the conversation.  Hilarity ensues.

Gummy Bearz:

Louise Loeb while walking on Diversey streetran intoDana Rochelle leaving Trader Joe'safter buying dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Louise says, " Long time no see, would you be interested in forming a two person group?" Dana replies, " Yup." These two multiracial women having been hitting the stages all over Chicago ever since.