Stage 773 (Box Theater)
7 p.m.: Cat Booty, The League of Improv Heroes
8 p.m.: Stir Friday Night, Improv Bangalore
9 p.m.: The Boys

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
7 p.m.: Jackson Soup, Early Bird Special
8 p.m.: Slotnick, Katz & Lehr
9 p.m.: 3Peat


Stage 773 (Box Theater)
7 p.m.: Out da Box, Joke Zero
8 p.m.: Whine Night, Tentacle Cop, Nixon’s Neverland
9 p.m.: Red Light School District, Droppin’ $cience

Stage 773 (Cab Theater)
7 p.m.: ASM All-Star Alumni, Glittoris, Latchkey Kid
8 p.m.: Take Out, Whip Country, The Unprofessionals
9 p.m.: Passionate Mom Society, AC Unit, 45 Kings

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
7 p.m.: LOL Chicago, #flip_squad
8 p.m.: Love Stories, Real Housewives of Improv
9 p.m.: Tricky Mickey, Women on Top

Second City e.t.c. Theater
            8 p.m.: SIRENS, Frangela


Stage 773 (Box Theater)
7 p.m.: Aspertypicals, Puff Mommy
8 p.m.: Seven, Jenner
9 p.m.: Velvet Stallion, Crank
10 p.m.: A Brief Intermission, SHAT on You

Stage 773 (Cab Theater)
7 p.m.: The Lady Dudes, Galaxy       
8 p.m.: Kaiser Presidente, Gummy Bearz
9 p.m.: Queen Daddy, The Potato Farmers

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
7 p.m.: Jill Bernard, Andy Eninger
8 p.m.: Improv Bangalore, Justin Trudeau Will Save Us All
9 p.m.: Jendan, SCRAM
10 p.m.: PLAY

Second City’s e.t.c. Theater
            8 p.m.: Virgin Daiquris, Katie Rich & Holly Laurent


Stage 773 (Box Theater)
7 p.m.: 98.6, Improv Bangalore
8 p.m.: Mascot, Matt Damon Improv
9 p.m.: Graffiti on the 4th Wall, Feline Fighter Pilots
10 p.m.: Bastards of the Underground Featuring Jamprov

Stage 773 (Cab Theater)
7 p.m.: Interrobang, Super Palindrome
8 p.m.: Atomic Barbie, Part Dog
9 p.m.: Fencing Queenz, Pale Gale
10 p.m.: Smeared Inc., Oedipus Lex Luther

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
7 p.m.: Improv Nerd with Jaime Moyer
8 p.m.: The Rick Blog Live with Rick Thomas, All Star BAT with Joe Bill
9 p.m.: Bob Fisher’s Imporv Show, Mullaney Chain
10 p.m.: Stacks, Improvised Sondheim

The Annoyance Theatre
            10:30 p.m.: Messing with a Friend with Kevin Dorff & Scott Adsit


Stage 773 (Box Theater)
7 p.m.: 2h Club, Prettier Than You
8 p.m.: Grim Diesel, Valid Hysteria
9 p.m.: Fisticuffs, I’m a Turtle
10 p.m.: Burnside, All Girl Revue
11 p.m.: Moonsharks, Ben Jones

Stage 773 (Cab Theater)
7 p.m.: Listen Stupid, Jack and The Wolf
8 p.m.: Twinz, Lady Mars
9 p.m.: B&B, Chairs
10 p.m.: B.E.T.H., Mommy
11 p.m.: Uncle Bri Bri & Pops, Gnar Gnar, Shredtown

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
7 p.m.: Jimmy & Johnnie & Dee, Liss N’ Sams
8 p.m.: SHELDON
9 p.m.: Mama’s Boy with Scott Adsit
10 p.m.: McRau, Dual Exhaust          
11 p.m.: Pumps, FackBUDDIES

Athenaeum Theatre 1
7 p.m.: Silent J, RejecTED Talks
8 p.m.: Improvised Marvel, Improvised Jane Austen
9 p.m.: Improvised Sketch Show, Big Fire
10 p.m.: Zip Up Monster Suits, Laser Comedy Show
11 p.m.: Back Home, Preach

Athenaeum Theatre 3
7 p.m.: Rhyme and Punishment, Cate Blanchett's Caftan
8 p.m.: The 88s, ImprovBoston
9 p.m.: Shrieking Harpies, Liz & Lou
10 p.m.: Los Improviachis, Cat Lady


Stage 773 (Box Theater)
7 p.m.: Love Onion, Skort
8 p.m.: The Babies, Rainstick
9 p.m.: Madeline, Barbara Brice
10 p.m.: LL Cool Beans, Eaves
11 p.m.: Minority Re’port, Bacon Wrapped Date Night

Stage 773 (Cab Theater)
2 p.m.: Godda Kush, Flower Shop Bangers, Dan & Kate's Book Club
3 p.m.: WWF Improv, 12 Eyes, Hulk Spanx
4 p.m.: Space Jem, Pardon Our Parody (POP) 80's, The Tony Stanzas
5 p.m.: McGarnackle, Spearmint, Mojo
7 p.m.: Ophelia’s Rope, Ginger Price
8 p.m.: Book Club, Sheila’s Sister
9 p.m.: Side Pickle, Going Steady
10 p.m.: Diorama, Solid Gold Duets
11 p.m.: The Wunderkidz, The Alphabits

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
7 p.m.: Judy Fabjance Celebration
8 p.m.: SHELDON
9 p.m.: Two More featuring Kevin Dorff & TJ Jagodowski
10 p.m.: Adsit & Dratch
11 p.m.: BASSPROV with special guest Ed Furman

Athenaeum Theatre Mainstage
7:30 p.m.: Harmontown

Athenaeum Theatre 1
3 p.m.: Improvised Sondheim
7 p.m.: Debbie Downer, Improvised Sitcom
8 p.m.: Damaged Goods, Fear the Dreamer
9 p.m.: Magical Lying Hour, The Stuntmen
10 p.m.: This Just In: An Improvised News Show, Spuds & Stouts
11 p.m.: Remote Possibilities, Scream Theater

Athenaeum Theatre 3
7 p.m.: Buzz’s Girlfriend, The Windbreakers
8 p.m.: Alamo City Improv, Dishwater Blondes
9 p.m.: Pumps, EbonyEssenceJet
10 p.m.: HugSquared, Natalie Peeples and the Rattlers
11 p.m.: Bearded Men, Pimprov


Second City e.t.c.
5:00 PM Improv Nerd with Jimmy Carrane and guest Rachel Dratch

Stage 773 (Box Theater)
3 p.m.: Code Red Vines, Spontaneous Combustion
8 p.m.: That’s No Movie, Lady Jam Sandwich

Stage 773 (Cab Theater)
3-6 p.m.: Indie Teams
8 p.m.: Hope & Claud, ANARCHY

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
8 p.m.: BASSPROV with special guest Rachel Dratch