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Buzz's Girlfriend // The Windbreakers (Athenaeum Theater - Studio Three)

Athenaeum Theater (Studio 3) $15

2936 N Southport AVE Chicago, IL 60657

Buzz's Girlfriend: 

Buzz's Girlfriend started at Westside Improv in Wheaton when us ladies decided we needed no scrubs to get our improv on. Relying on weird and wacky characters and unique relationships, we take our audience on a wild ride through our world. Fast and crazy. Strange and full of ovaries. 

The Windbreakers:

The Windbreakers are an improv troupe made up of Columbia College Chicago students practicing long form improvisation. The group was formed in September of 2015 after the gang all met one another at CCC's improv club, and struck a common thread of ambition. Amateur to begin, the Windbreakers had devised a plan to be the best they could be, and a month after forming, they booked their first show in the city. 

Several months have passed and the Windbreakers are doing more than fantastic. Averaging five shows a months across the city, the Windbreakers are now focused on not only being ambition, but becoming innovate. Testing out new forms thought up from team members, diving into social media and the production of digital shorts, and writing sketches for a soon to come sketch revue, the Windbreakers are no cookie-cutter improv troupe. Sporting 90's inspired windbreakers, they hope to be remembered for cultivating change, and inspiring laughter, and breaking some wind.