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Book Club // Sheila's Sister (Stage 773 - The Cab)

STAGE 773 (The Cab) $15

1225 W Belmont AVE Chicago, IL 60657

Book Club:

Somewhere in the Nice part of town on a regular night, after their Barre classes and upscale juice crawls, a group of uppity mid-thirties adults gather for their once a month Book Club meeting. Tonight, though, only two women bothered to show up. With no self-awareness, an entire bottle of wine, and an absolute lack of critical literary skills, these two must forge onward and hold their book club meeting anyway.

Book Club is about learning how deeply shallow people are still people too. It is a wine-fueled, crossfit-subscribing, locally-sourced yogurt-eating peek into the lives of the people you normally avoid when you go to Whole Foods. Alison and Amalia have been performing together for ten years, and are thrilled to continue to trick audiences into caring about people they would normally hate.

Sheila's Sister:

Dana and Edmund have improvised together for over 26 years. They met in college in Off-Off Campus, married in Sheila, and became parents in Sheila's Sister.