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Uncle Bri Bri & Pops // Gnar Gnar Shredtown (Stage 773 - The Cab)

STAGE 773 (The Cab) $15

1225 W Belmont AVE Chicago, IL 60657

Uncle Bri Bri & Pops:

K. Brian Neel and Jeff Page have been improvising – together and apart – since 1986. They have developed a style of improv that exploits liveness, transformation and honesty to create unpredictable performances. Their work is acclaimed for its dark humour and theatrical inventiveness.  Uncle Bri Bri and Pops hail from Seattle, USA, and Edmonton, Canada, respectively. 

Gnar Gnar Shredtown: 

Musical director Dan Wilcop accompanies Zach Bartz and Kevin Gerrity as they build worlds of destruction, violence, and good times. They exhibit technique only achieved through countless hours onstage and a trust that can only be found through real life best friends.