Uncle Bri Bri & Pops // Gnar Gnar Shredtown (Stage 773 - The Cab)

STAGE 773 (The Cab) $15

1225 W Belmont AVE Chicago, IL 60657

Uncle Bri Bri & Pops:

K. BRIAN NEEL has more than twenty years of experience in professional theatre. While still a student at the University of New Mexico Brian began working with the physical improvisation company Kings' Elephant Theater. This eventually led to his moving to Seattle in 1989 where he completed his studies at the University of Washington. Since then he has performed and directed in numerous Seattle area theaters and toured internationally with the Seattle Mime Theatre and Magic Circle Mime. Brian's eclectic resume includes playing Oscar Wilde in a musical at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, directing large-scale professional opera, clown work for Teatro Zinzanni, "doing" performance art at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater in New York, and playing three aliens in the science fiction web series The Coffee Table. He has also created seven solo plays, including a one man ukulele opera, which have toured the US, Canada, and Australia. Brian resides in a Seattle house he designed and built himself. www.kbrianneel.com 

JEFF PAGE has acted in over fifty productions for Canadian regional theatres in roles that range from Torvald Helmer, Caliban, and Sir Toby Belch to Cuirette in Hosanna, Bruce Delamitri in Popcorn, Mr. Vanislaw in Betty’s Summer Vacation, and Juan Peron in Evita. As a theatre director, he has focused on creating new work, and has staged nearly twenty premiere productions.  Other career highlights include being a creator, writer, actor and director for The Specialists, a radio serial for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; directing with Free Will Shakespeare Festival, Edmonton’s professional Shakespeare-in-the-Park company; and being a voice actor for the X-Box games Mass Effect I - III. Since 2006, Jeff has taught theatre at the University of Alberta and Red Deer College. 

Gnar Gnar Shredtown: 

Musical director Dan Wilcop accompanies Zach Bartz and Kevin Gerrity as they build worlds of destruction, violence, and good times. They exhibit technique only achieved through countless hours onstage and a trust that can only be found through real life best friends.