Rhyme and Punishment // FST Improv (Athenaeum theater - Studio Three)

Athenaeum Theater (Studio 3) $15

2936 N Southport AVE Chicago, IL 60657

Rhyme and Punishment: 

From CATS and A CHORUS LINE to HEATHERS and BIG FISH, Rhyme & Punishment has mastered the art of improvising feature length shows in the various styles of Broadway's favorite musicals. This highly talented cast features actors and improvisers from across the country, currently residing as a house team for Chicago's MCL Music Improv Night. This team impresses audiences week after week with their strong characters, outlandish story lines and mastery of musical theater in every genre. Ready to take their show on the road, the cast was honored to receive a Tony nom for "Best Improvised Musical." That last part isn't true and if you really loved Broadway you would know that, but they are excited to take their show on the road.

FST Improv: 

Taking what is right in front of them, in the form of audience suggestions, #FST Improv creates characters and sketches on the spot. No one - not even the performers themselves - knows what is going to happen next. #fstimprov