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Stacks // Improvised Sondheim (Stage 773 - The Pro)

STAGE 773 (The Pro) $15

1225 W Belmont AVE Chicago, IL 60657

Stacks: More info to come!

Improvised Sondheim: 

Improvised Sondheim Project is an musical ensemble made up of musician performers who met while teaching at The Second City Training Center in Chicago. This year they celebrate four years of performing together in Chicago, and around the country. They are inspired by and pay homage to the musical genius of the great Stephen Sondheim. ISP plays with both the ideas, the forms, and the intricacies both musically and lyrically of Sondheim, while improvising a brand new show each time. They are regarded as one of the highest quality music improv shows in the country, regularly selling out both performances and workshops wherever they travel.