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Grim Diesel // Valid Hysteria (Stage 773 - The Box)

STAGE 773 (The Box) $15

1225 W Belmont AVE Chicago, IL 60657

Grim Diesel: 

Grim Diesel is a collection of Second City Longform Conservatory graduates. Before becoming a troupe, the members of Grim Diesel played together in different troupes and combinations, like The Avengers. They perform regularly at the Second City Toronto, and performed at the Del Close Marathon (2016), and Vancouver International Improv Festival (2016). Grim Diesel perform a loose Harold with a focus on ensemble. Their sets are fast and cerebral.  Check out their brand of weird, wry, and what's called "the Grim Diesel special." 

Valid Hysteria: 

Valid Hysteria  /ˈvælɪd/ /hɪˈstɪr.i.ə/ n.  Always contagious, rarely fatal. Usually occurs as a result of improvising while female.