WORKSHOP: Scene Blasters (Limit 40) with Kevin Mullaney, Rachael Mason, Paul Grondy, and Jose Gonzalez (Athenaeum)

Athenaeum Theater

2936 N Southport AVE Chicago, IL 60657

SceneBlast Maximum Reps with Multiple Coaches. This is an improv workshop for improvisors of all levels.
SceneBlast is a blast of scenes. We'll start with some warmups and then its a continuous stream of one scene after another. When you finish a scene, you'll come off stage and get notes immediately from one of the three teachers in the house. Then you'll get right back on stage and into the scene rotations. SceneBlast is the improv workout you've been looking for!

This is a style of workshop pioneered at the Torch Theater in Phoenix.

Kevin Mullaney is the founder of the Improv Resource Center, a company dedicated to the art of improvisational theater and improv comedy. Kevin is the head teacher of the IRC and often travels around the country teaching workshops.

Rachael Mason began her career in improvisation at Skidmore College, home of the National College Comedy Festival, with the Ad-Liberal Artists. After graduating with a degree in English Literature, concentrating on Shakespearean Studies, she moved to Chicago to study improv comedy with Del Close. She is now the head of Advanced Improvisation for The Second City where she created the Scenic Improv and Dramatic Improv programs as well as The History of Satire Series for The Second City Training Center. She has performed musical improv with Baby Wants Candy at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, directed and performed at The Annoyance, played with The Hot Karl at ComedySportz, and had almost every job at iO (where she was Training Center Director for 8 years), done The Spoletto Festival with The Second City National Touring Company, and is currently in the cast of The Second City Improv All-Stars at The Up Comedy Club as well as with Second City’s first resident improv show, The Boys. She is most happy when she is teaching improv.

Paul Grondy began teaching improvisation at the io Theater in 1997.  First teaching scene work, and later, the bulk of his years teaching the longform Harold. Currently Paul is an adjunct faculty member in the theatre program at Roosevelt University teaching, you guessed it, improv. He performs improv as well, but who doesn't in this town. Am I right?