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Out da Box // Cootz // Joke Zero (Stage 773 - The Box)

STAGE 773 (College Night - The Box) $10

1225 W Belmont AVE Chicago, IL 60657

Out da Box: 

OUT DA BOX (ODB) is a comedy group at Northwestern University that is traditionally black, but is made up of all races. We just keep it real.


We are an up and coming, primarily female based, improv team in Chicago. 

Our team includes: 
- Jafei Pollitt
- Nick Polk
- Nicole Denton
- Grace Roushdi
- Hailey Reeves
- Natalia White
- Jodie Cay Desrosiers

We're nice, we don't bite, and we'd love to see you at our shows! Or, better yet, we'd love to be in your shows! Contact us at or drop a call to 720-233-1339 for bookings or questions.

Joke Zero:

Joke Zero is Lake Forest College's improv troupe. We strive to bring you low-cal laughs and zero-sugar-added fun.