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Virgin Daiquiri // Katie Rich & Holly Laurent (e.t.c. Theater)

Second City e.t.c. Theater ($20 and $25)

1608 N Wells ST Chicago, IL 60614

Virgin Daiquiri: 

Virgin Daiquiri celebrates it's 10-year anniversary at iO Chicago this year. We have enjoyed many honors and has been showcased in the gracious places that are the The Traverse City , The Del Close Marathon, Denver Improv Festival, and iOWest.  Our alumni is vast and includes such luminaries as SNL's Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong-- among others that are full-on killing it out there in comedy. You can find us at and look for our 10th Anniversary Spectacular this June.

Katie Rich & Holly Laurent: 

Katie and Holly trained and played at iO, the Annoyance and Second City in Chicago before touring with the Second City and becoming cast mates on the Main Stage where they wrote and performed in three critically acclaimed revues. They have worked as writing partners, slot machine junkies and late night whiskey drinkers for the last five decades refining their improv duo. Holly and Katie are thrilled to bring their collaboration to the Chicago Improv Festival.